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This section is used to manage all vendors in the system.

Vendors List

Click on Origination → Vendors → Main window will be appeared will list vendors.

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Screenshot: Vendors List

Vendor List   

Column NameDescription
View IPView IP of vendor.
NameName of vendor.
Update AtThe last date/time when vendor information was updated.
Update ByThe last person who update vendor information.
ActionAction performed on record.



Is used to modify vendor's information.

Is used to delete vendor.

Is used to activate/deactivate vendor.

Is used to view DID of vendor.


Click on the View all icon at the first column of vendor to view its IP.

Only one vendor IP can be viewed at a time. When you expand another vendor, the previously expanded one will collapse.

Query Data

To query data, input keyword into Name textbox and click Query button then the result will be appeared.

View DID

To view DID of vendor, click on  icon on action column. The DID Repository will be appeared. Please refer this page for further information.

Creating New Vendor

To create new vendor, click on Create New button. The new window will be appeared as below:


Screenshot: Creating New Vendor

Creating New Vendors    

Field NameDescription
Vendor NameName of Vendor
IP Addresses

IP Addresses of clientvendor. Click on icon to add more IP for vendor

Call LimitCall limit for vendor
Enable T38It is used to enable T38 protocol which describes how to send a fax over a computer data network.
Media Type

There are three options:

Bypass MediaTakes place when the carrier establishes the call but removes itself from the media pathway
Proxy MediaThe opposite of media bypass, the carrier remains in the media path for the duration of the call
Transcoding MediaThe process of converting a media file or object from one format to another.
Billing Type

There are two billing type:

Billed by ANIBill based on ANI (Automatic Number Identification) service.
Flat RateBill based on Flat Rate


Adding DID number for vendor. Click on icon to add more DID number.

Upload DIDCheck if want to upload DID from file. After checking, Three below fields will be appeared.

Duplicate Handling

The action performed on duplicate records:

  • Overwrite: The record in system will be overwritten.
  • Ignore: The record in upload file will be ignored.

Upload File

Choose file to upload.


Click on show text to download example file.

After filling out all fields, click Submit button to save new vendor. Click on Back button to go back to vendor page.